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Paint Correction:
This process is where perfection meets the paint! We start with an in-depth hand wash and thorough decontamination of your vehicle.
After the surface is dry and free of any contaminants we work panel-by-panel using both our compound and polish to remove any scratches that can be removed from the paint. This time consuming and labor intensive process ensures that your paint will be as defect-free as possible.
After initial correction we re-inspect the entire vehicle and spot polish any flaws that remain, eliminating 90% of the total defects with our 3 stage paint correction. If you have a newer vehicle, our 1 or 2 stage paint correction might be enough to bring the paint back to new condition. 
We highly recommend upgrading to our long term paint sealants or a ceramic coating to preserve your newly perfected vehicle.

Ceramic Coating:
The most recent development in paint protection are products commonly referred to as glass or ceramic coatings. These coatings are made from materials that are more durable than the polymers found in traditional sealants and waxes giving you a more durable, longer-lasting protection. In addition to forming a very strong bond with the clear coat finish, a coating is generally much thicker than a wax or sealant, creating a sacrificial layer that can absorb damage and better protect the paint underneath. The thickness gives it a great depth of gloss that’s hard to achieve with other products. Most coatings will easily give years of protection when properly applied.

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

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