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Ceramic Coating

Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings is the best Ceramic paint protection you can get, it keeps your car looking glossy and new, prolonging the life of your paint work perfect finish. Gtechniq Ceramic Coating 10h top and softer 7h base layer offer improved swirl resistance over regular 9h paint protection coatings. Compared to standard ceramic paint coatings, Gtechniq Ceramic Coating can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection film is a virtually invisible self-healing film applied to high-impact areas of your vehicle to help prevent unsightly rock chips and scratches.

*Full front end protection*

Hood, front bumper, fenders and side mirrors.


Window Tint

Engineered to deliver a higher standard of performance for cooling power and UV protection. Our Tint  is known for its outstanding quality, color stability and durable scratch-resistant coating. We ensure these products meet high performance standards, and back them with a lifetime limited warranty to give you confidence. 

Mobile Detailing

Detailing your vehicle just got easier, with our fully mobile detailing set up we come to your hone or place of work to keep your car looking new. Whether you need a quick detail or a full detail we are equipped to satisfy your needs.


Wheel/Caliper Paint

Make your vehicle stand out and customize your wheels and calipers from an array of colors to give your vehicle a unique look. We can also add manufacturer graphics or any custom graphic you would like. 


Wheel damage? No problem. We can repair your wheels while they get a customized color. 

bmw wheel.jpeg

Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wrapping is an excellent way to change the color of your vehicle or accent certain parts without the commitment of permanence. 

We go to great lengths to ensure every job looks fantastic and seamless. ​Our complete car vinyl wrap services are handled by experts who ensure the wrap is properly applied and easily last 5–7 years without issue.


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